Unlock the Harmony Within

An announcement from Kerry below!

Our job first is to be centered ourselves.

When I said these words intending them for use on the website, I didn’t realize I would need to heed them for myself so soon. But have found I need to release myself to a time of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical renewal. Simplifying my life is necessary to support my enthusiastic return to whole-self wellness and energy medicine coaching. For now, while I focus on healing and completing some certifications and training, I thank you for your patience and respect.


What Does This Mean?

This website will be kept updated with as many resources as possible for your use. Scroll down for:

  • Our online dispensary
  • Access to our Azure Standard community drop
  • A referral link to US Wellness Meats
  • A referral link to Queen of the Thrones castor oil packs
  • More coming soon!

A handful of appointments will be kept available to existing clients.

The health food store is still thriving! Visit the store website below!