Unlock the Harmony Within

An announcement from Kerry below!

Our job first is to be centered ourselves.

When I said these words intending them for use on the website, I didn’t realize I would need to heed them for myself so soon. But have found I need to release myself to a time of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical renewal. Simplifying my life is necessary to support my enthusiastic return to whole-self wellness and energy medicine coaching. For now, while I focus on healing and completing some certifications and training, I thank you for your patience and respect.


What Does This Mean?

This website will be kept updated with as many resources as possible for your use. Scroll down for:

  • Our online dispensary
  • Access to our Azure Standard community drop
  • US Wellness Meats
  • Dr. Cowan’s fantastic health and hygiene products
  • Queen of the Thrones
  • Wildly Organic treats and 

A handful of appointments will be kept available to existing clients.

The health food store is still thriving! Visit the store website below!

Online Dispensary

Access the same powerful supplements I sell in my store, and so many more!

Click and create your account to get exclusive discounts and find the perfect supplement for your unique being.

Order supplements through my Fullscript store.

Azure Standard Community Drop

Do you want to get quality, organic, bulk foods shipped directly to Seward? We have a drop set up through Azure Standard, a bulk supplier out of Oregon.

The process is simple!

  1. Create an account at www.azurestandard.com
  2. Request to be added to the Seward drop
  3. Order the food you need before the cutoff date. (Freight forwarding adds about ten days to shipping estimates, so be aware when ordering delicate things like produce.)

Our drop manager, Sierra, will contact you when the order is expected to let you know what the cost for shipping is and when the order is ready for pickup!

Wildly Organic

For a difference in quality even among organic brands, I trust Wildly Organic. Their products have an elevated, nourishing taste. I stock their products in the store, but you can also click the image to place your own order through my affiliate link. 

Dr. Tom Cowan

Dr. Thomas Cowan is a well-known alternative medicine doctor, author and speaker, with a common-sense, holistic approach to health and wellness. You can purchase tonics and hygiene products from him.

Visit his store here.


I have met Dr Cowan personally, and resonate with his message about the path to healing. His books are conversational and informative. His products are the best out there because he retains the integrity of his personal convictions in the creation of his Garden.

Queen of the Thrones

I recommend castor oil packs to support healthy function. Queen of the Thrones creates high-quality castor oil and kits for supporting elimination, lymph and thyroid function, and liver function.


Visit them here.